Before addressing the mentioned question, we should provide a proper definition of a beautiful nose.

What are the characteristics of a beautiful nose?

The answer to this question varies depending on every individual’s taste, however, it should be noted that a certain shape of nose may look in harmony and beautiful on an individual’s face, while the same shape of nose on a different person with a different face structure and features may look out of harmony with the rest of their face. In conclusion what makes a nose beautiful is its harmony and balance with the rest of the face.

Aside from the skill and experience of the surgeon, what factors play a part in a successful surgery?

1. Surgeon’s skill and experience in rhinoplasty aren’t the only factors that play a part in outcome of an operation. The nose structure and body’s reaction to treatments are also factors affecting a successful operation. Bad gene, bad skin, and weak nose cartilage can also make the most powerful skills used in operations ineffective.

2. A young person with a strong nose cartilage, average thickness of skin, and a healthy body is considered a good candidate for rhinoplasty.

How should we choose a surgeon?


Rhinoplasty is among the most difficult operations. A bad operation can lead to nasal deformities and complications which could be permanent in some cases. Therefore, choosing a good and experienced surgeon is considered the first step towards a successful operation.
Operations could come with some complications, but a committed and experienced surgeon will strive for perfect results. Therefore, in addition to experience and expertise, the commitment and loyalty of the surgeon to its patients can also have a significant impact on the operation.
Another recommendation that can help you in choosing a surgeon is to try to find a surgeon who also does nose repair or revision surgeries, even if a second operation isn’t something you have in mind. Having that option can at times be very beneficial.
Nowadays the results of rhinoplasty operations are more predictable, effective and accurate than ever before. Required skills and experience in operations, along with proper nose structure and application of surgical techniques will result in a beautiful and fit nose.