Occasionally, there is a bump after Rhinoplasty that is related to osteotomy surgery. Osteotomy is a kind of surgery whereby a bone of body is cut by a special device under the surgeon supervision. There is no need to worry if you feel a small bump on nose after the surgery, it is a normal condition. You can’t judge the surgery result during the first months of recovery period and should wait to pass the time. Sometimes, massage the bump after the surgery may help to solve this problem. But you should consult with your surgeon before doing massage.

Recurrence of bump after Rhinoplasty

Recurrence of bump after Rhinoplasty is an unpredictable complication of the nose job. Among 5-10 percent of patients who have had bump reduction, swelling and scar tissue can cuss to reform the bump. The reformation bump is minor compared to the primary bump and no need to worry about this. Patients who consider it as a noticeable problem, can remove it by doing revision surgery.

Can your surgeon control bump recurrence?

Recurrence of bump on nose after the surgery is out of the surgeon’s control. It means your surgeon can’t do anything during the procedure to prevent of bump reformation. If your surgeon informs you before the surgery about the possibility of this issue, then you won’t be surprise if this will happen for you after the noise job and you can make an informed decision about having the surgery. You should make sure of your surgeon policy about the revision surgery.

The early reformed bump on nose is a part of healing after rhinoplasty

The early bump after the surgery may be part of healing after nose job. When the bumps on the nose are shaved in surgery, the bone is stimulated. It is exactly as braking a bone in the body. When the broken bone begins to heal, first a callus is forming. It gets smaller after some month until the bone is smooth. So, no need to worry about the persistent reformed bump. you should wait at least 6 months after surgery before worrying about the bump. Time is your best friend and try to be patient.

Should I do revision rhinoplasty for the reformed bump on my nose?

Bump after Rhinoplasty

There are different conditions that a revision surgery may be the best treatment choice, such as recurrence of bump after nose job.

After rhinoplasty, sometimes a bump can create on the nose, this can be a result of inadequate bone removal, a slight collapse of the connected septal cartilage after removal, or growth occurring after surgery. Bump on the nose can be treat by bone removal and cartilage extending from the bridge of the nose.

It is possible your surgeon brings the nasal bones together to recreate a normal shape of the nose.