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Hi. I want to ask that is it possible to have cosmetic nose surgery while having braces?

Dr Answer:Usually, there wouldn’t be any problems. But it’s better to consult your orthodontist about this issue.
How much does rhinoplasty cost? Does thick skin nose recur to its initial shape after six months?

Dr Answer:No, if the nose surgery is performed by an expert and experienced surgeon, the result will be permanent. However, as a general rule, it should be kept in mind that 10 percent of the people who do rhinoplasty would need reconstructive surgery.
I’ve had rhinoplasty once and I’m not satisfied. Do you do reconstructive surgery? How much will it cost and what is your office address?

Dr Answer:Yes, we also do reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive surgery can be done at least one year after your previous surgery. For a more accurate examination and assessment of the result of the surgery, you should be examined in person. Contact us
If it is possible, please share some examples of your own surgeries, because I’ve seen the same photos on the websites of some other doctors too.

Dr Answer:All the photos that you see in the photo gallery of this website are examples of our surgeries. We never have used any other doctor’s pictures. As you have realized, the name and the address of the website is mentioned on all the photos. If you have seen the same photos in another place, please send us the link.
The tip of my nose is thick skin, but its angle and size is okay. The upper area of my nose has broken recently and I think it will have a bump now. I want to ask you about cosmetic surgery. Since I have a thick skin nose, is surgery effective or will my nose recur to its initial shape?

Dr Answer:The nasal bump can be fixed. In general, if too much of the cartilage and bone are not removed, there won’t be any problems.
About Dr. Taherian

About Dr. Taherian

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Taherian was born in iran he attended Tehran Medical Science university and graduated in 1982

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