How long after the first nose surgery the second one can be performed?

One of the frequently asked questions is that whether or not there is the possibility of a second surgery or a revision rhinoplasty surgery? The answer is yes, but after a proper time passed since the first nose surgery. Averagely, 8 up to 10 percentage of those who perform a nose surgery might need a second-surgery or a revision. The proper time for the second surgery is one year after the first one. Because after a nose surgery, a process must be followed to ensure the best results.

In what case a nasal reconstructive surgery is necessary?

  • The nasal skeleton is not firm enough and nose tip has dropped. In this case, an experienced surgeon can solve the problem.
  • The nasal hump hasn’t been removed completely. This problem could also be treated by a surgeon.
  • Nasal septum deviation is not solved properly and the nose is yet crooked which is correctable.
  • Nasal tissues are picked more than normal, postnasal is notched more than normal or the nose tip is too upward. Correcting these disorders needs an experienced surgeon and the results are not always predictable. If correction is possible, nasal skeleton is often reinforced using patients cartilages (auricles) or bones (chest).

When the damage is related to nasal skin, reconstruction is either hard or impossible which is rare among the patients.

Un-normal distance between nasal vestibules, breathing disorders, patients’ dissatisfaction from the results of the surgery, crooked nasal bones because of physical impacts and etc. are some of defects which may need a re-surgery to be solved.

How effective the reconstruction surgery can be?

Considering the fact that reconstructive surgery requires more experience and expertise in comparison to primary surgery, choosing the proper surgeon is one of the most important factors in increasing the effectiveness of the surgery. Another effective factor in reconstructive surgery is the type of nasal skin or the type of problem. Normal nasal skin thickness (neither narrow nor thick) is the best case for reconstructive surgery and hardest surgeries are cases in which patient’s whose nasal skin has been cut more than normal in nasal vestibules area. In addition, patients patience is an important factor in recovery time.