If you are among the people wearing glasses or using contact lenses and additionally, are going to do rhinoplasty, you might like to know more about the association of the rhinoplasty and eye lasik operation. In this article, we first answer some common questions about the nasal surgery after eye lasik operation, and then, some information about lasik surgery is given to readers in order to better understand the relationship between the nose job and the lasik surgery.

How long after the lasik surgery can the rhinoplasty be done?

The rhinoplasty can be performed three months after the lasik surgery.

In this period, eye improvement is almost completed and the rhinoplasty does not cause any problem for the eyes. In general, it is the best to contact your eyes’ surgeon and get her/his confirmation for the nose job.

Does not post-surgery bruise hurt my eyes which have undergone the lasik operation?

Doing the nose job after the lasik does not lead to any problem.

The bruising and swelling after rhinoplasty are related to the tissue under the eyes and are not associated with cornea. Talk with your ophthalmologist to make sure.

Can I wear glasses after the rhinoplasty?

The answer of this question depends on the changes made on your nose during the surgery.

If the main focus of the surgery has been on the nasal bridge (where the eyeglasses are placed on), you should probably wait six to eight weeks, so you can wear the sunglasses or ordinary eyeglasses, since your nose should not be under the pressure anyway. Therefore, after three months that recovery process is completed, you can use any type of eyeglasses including heavy or light.

What is lasik?

جراحی لیزیک - Eye Lasik surgery

Lasik is a type of surgery using which hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism can be treated.

During this operation, a thin flap is created in the cornea by microkeratome blade or laser. Then, the surgeon everts the flap and removes a part of cornea tissue by radioactive laser.

Recovery of eye lasik

Most of the patients, who had done the eye lasik, were satisfied with their recovery period.

Majority of these patients reported that they have had normal and good mood in the day after operation. In addition, their vision had improved immediately after the lasik; but it should be mentioned that the patients adhere to medication tips will improve faster than indifferent patients who may feel no improvement in their vision even 6 to 8 hours after operation.

Vision improvement after the lasik surgery

Each eye surgeon has its own rules and regulations based on what leads to the best results. Most likely, your doctor will give you sunglasses or eye protector and ask you to use it during the sleeping in the first week after the surgery. Some doctors may ask you to rest in hospital for 10-15 minutes after surgery, before discharge and going home, while others may discharge you immediately. Thus, you should go home and start the special cares of recovery. It is important to have a companion to take you home as you certainly cannot drive after the operation.

The anesthetic drops shed in your eye will be affectless 20-30 minutes after the operation. Then, you probably feel mildly burned or itchy. Do not rub your eyes during the recovery! In the first 8-12 hours after the surgery, your eyes may be drained significantly. Also, your eyes are likely to become inflamed with red spots inside them. All these symptoms are normal and temporary and will go away, very soon.

During the recovery time after lasik, cornea flap is improving and will slowly decrease. If you rub your eyes, the flap may be displaced. You can minimize the risk of such complications by not touching your eyes.

It is possible that eye drops containing antibiotics, steroids, and lubricant eye drops be prescribed.

You should use these drops according to your doctor’s discretion.

The first few days and weeks after the lasik surgery

Your doctor will probably ask you to see her/him 24-48 hours after the surgery to ensure that the process of your eyes’ improvement goes well.

Most of the people can go back to their work one or a few days after lasik surgery.

A little feeling of discomfort is quite normal during the first weeks. This feeling is often referred as “whipping eyes”. These are the normal postoperative symptoms of lasik and do not worry about them.

Another important issue is that you ought to lubricate your eyes by prescribed drops up to three months.

You have to use these drops 3-4 times within a day even when you do not feel dry in your eyes. This prevents the dryness of eyes.

Some of the patients may be sensitive to light that wearing sunglasses outside the house decreases this sensitivity. Each surgeon has a list of limitations and time span for every patient. Exercise, swimming, and eye makeup may be in this list as the restrictions. The contact sports, hot bath, and such activities may be limited to a few months. You should carefully follow your doctor’s postoperative prescriptions during the recovery. You should also contact your doctor whenever you feel you have problems because only s/he can determine whether your condition is normal and make you aware if more care is needed.

How will the eyes’ improvement be 2-3 months after the lasik operation?

Your eyes will be improved after three months. It means that your vision will continue the recovery during this time. In the patients with more problems, recovery process may last up to six months. Since everyone’s healing procedure differs from another, it is not clear that your eyes how will be improved. In some cases (3-5%), the eyes have to be enhanced after the recovery and fixation of the vision.