If you are unhappy with your nose appearance and you have some deformity on your nose, maybe rhinoplasty is a good option for you. But not everyone can do nose surgery, you can be a good rhinoplasty candidate if you are physically healthy, your facial growth is complete, you have a positive outlook and realistic expectation about the surgery. More addition a rhinoplasty candidate should be psychologically ready for surgery.

Types of the nose which are best rhinoplasty candidate

Types of nose

A crooked nose

When a nose doesn’t follow a straight and vertical line down the center of the face called crooked nose which can become in different sizes and shapes. The degree of this crookedness can be very dedicated or more considerable depending on the reason. A crooked nose can cause breathing issues further than facial deformities.

Too wide or too narrow

Some people’s nose is either too wide or too narrow. But this type of nose can correct by rhinoplasty through tip refinement, grafts, and cartilage reshaping.

Bumpy nose

Perhaps you have a bump at the bridge of your nose but don’t worry. It will correct and you can have a smooth and straight bridge by nose surgery.

A deviated septum

When the thin wall between the nasal passage (nasal septum) is leaned to one side, a deviated septum occurs. In the severe condition, the deviated septum can block one side of the nose and decrease airflow and causes breathing issue.

Characteristics of a good rhinoplasty candidate

Characteristics of a good rhinoplasty candidate

There are some factors that determine whether you are a right rhinoplasty candidate:


It is one of the important factors that affect your nose job. Generally, rhinoplasty is not recommended for patients who are younger than 16 years old because you should wait until your nose fully grow. On the other hand, the rhinoplasty procedure will be difficult for elder people too. Because older people usually have blood vessels which are more breakable than younger people. Fragile blood vessels are more sensitive to bruising.

Your age is an inevitable factor that affects the healing process because your healing capabilities will decrease as you get older. The speed of healing a scar at age 60 is not the same as age 20 although everyone has a unique nasal structure.

Motivation and long term wish

It is another factor that your surgeon can never know what is your true motivation for rhinoplasty. If you want to undertake rhinoplasty to improve your appearance and correct your nasal deformity or even functional problems, so you are right rhinoplasty candidate. But if you are doing this operation because of your family or peers pressure, you are wrong.

On the other hand, the time that you want to undergo a nose job is an important matter too. For example, if you are in the middle of an emotional crisis, it is not the best time for doing rhinoplasty. You should not be distressed at the time of the nose surgery.

Breathing issue

Beside of the aesthetical alternation, some people have difficulty breathing. They may avoid dealing with this problem because of the fear of the surgery. But after the nose job, they will find their lifestyle quality will improve following the surgery.


You should have realistic expectations from your rhinoplasty. If you want to make your nose look like a famous celebrity’s nose, you are not a good candidate for rhinoplasty. Because every person has a unique facial structure and should choose a nose shape which is fit with his/her facial organs. The surgeon should analyze the psychological condition of the patient especially teenagers and then deciding whether he/she is a good candidate for the nose surgery.

General speaking if you have a significant nasal deformity, you can undertake nose job. But a right rhinoplasty candidate needs to have a good health condition including physically and psychologically. He/she should be older than 16 years’ old and don’t smoke or at least quit smoking before the nose job to reduce the risk of complications. A good rhinoplasty candidate should have a positive outlook on life and realistic expectations about the surgery.