So you’ve scheduled a rhinoplasty consultation and you’re wondering what questions to ask your potential surgeon. Here’s a list of 14 important questions each doctor should be able to answer easily .

1-How experienced are you in performing rhinoplasties? (ie, how many have you done and for how many years have you done them?).

2- What percentage of your practice is devoted to rhinoplasty?

3- When did you perform your last rhinoplasty?

5- What is your policy on revisions?

6- How many of your own patients needed revision rhinoplasty?

7- How long do you spend performing a rhinoplasty like mine?

8- What are potential complications and risks in a nose like mine?

9- What type of rhinoplasty technique will you use for me?

10- What type of anesthesia do you use and why?

11- What sort of facility do you operate in and, if not in a hospital OR, what is your protocol in the case of unexpected surgical complications?

12- What percentage of your practice is open versus closed rhinoplasty? Can you use both techniques?

13- Can I see before and after cases of noses similar to mine?

14- Do you feel that you can create the type of nose that I have talked with you about?