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Click to see pictures of rhinoplasty before and after rhinoplasty by Dr. Taherian.


Frequently Asked Questions

Experience has shown that most patients appear normal about two weeks after surgery. You may feel that your nose is still swollen and the end result is still unknown, but after two weeks you will find that you are on the path to complete recovery.

Try to sleep on beds with your head above you, or use 2 to 3 pillows under your head, sneeze with your mouth open, do not empty your nose for at least 7 days. Nasal congestion, heavy face, headache and sleep disturbance are very common after surgery and decrease with the onset of nasal healing. Never do things that require bending, pulling, pushing and pulling. If you have a small child, sit on your knees and ask them to get up from you.

The cost of rhinoplasty varies according to the type of surgery required for different noses, so the exact amount is determined by the doctor after the visit.

The photos are useful for the doctor to understand your interests and what you want your nose to look like in the future. For this reason, images can be used to discuss and comment on rhinoplasty. However, a rhinosurgeon cannot put another person’s nose on your face. Only a surgeon can make changes to your nose. A good and experienced surgeon will focus on your desired result. Possible changes are evaluated. Impossible changes are evaluated. The doctor expresses his suggestions according to his knowledge and experience. This discussion should lead to an agreement on your and your surgeon’s realistic expectations of rhinoplasty. At this point, if the doctor’s suggestions and experiences are reasonable, ask your doctor to show you pre- and postoperative photos of his patients so you can evaluate his work, but if you feel that the doctor He does not understand what you are saying and does not listen to you at all, it is time to go and get advice from another doctor. Choosing a surgeon with experience is one of the steps you can take. “Listening” is the key to a successful and satisfying practice for the patient.

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