Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic procedure to make an ideal nose. Throughout history, beauty has defined base on a set of classic principles. Different items including cultural influences, individual tastes, media, and modern style are involved in determining beauty. According to traditional cosmetic surgery, a beautiful nose defined as a relatively straight, small and symmetrical but today asymmetries considers as attractiveness.


It is one of the most important factors that consider before the nose surgery. For men, bold and angular features are characteristic of masculinity and softer slender are define as feminine characteristic. Usually, men undertake nose job to make a wider nose with a strong fairly straight dorsum or nasal bridge. Men’s nasal tip may be rounded and even wider than females and usually, tip cartilage edges will be applied for them.  Their noses also should balance with their chin and profile. Men usually don’t need tip-defining grafts.

On the other hand, the nose job goals for women are to form a low, straight profile and narrow nasal bones with frontal and sided angles fitted properly with the face, brow, and forehead. Usually, women’s noses are made shorter with a rotated tip to make a fresh appearance.

Balance and symmetry

Balance and symmetry

Generally, symmetry is the common characteristic of an ideal nose and people attract those who have superior symmetry face. For achieving facial symmetry plastic surgeon divide face into the three parts. The upper part is from the top of the forehead to the eyebrows. The middle part extends from eyebrows to the bottom of the nose and the lower part is from the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the chin. When the nose is fitted perfectly into the middle part of the face, vertical symmetry will be created. But horizontal symmetry will achieve when the horizontal view of the face divides into the five-part and the nasal width be equivalent to the width of the person’s eyes.

Golden Ratio also is known as divine proportion is 1.618. It is another measure of beauty in architecture, art and also nature. A rhinoplasty surgeon applies the golden ratio to figure out the ideal proportions of a person’s face and nose.

Characteristics of an ideal nose

Characteristics of an ideal nose

Actually, there is no specific formula for making an ideal nose. It is very important to find an expert surgeon with a true sense of artistry. When you are considering a perfect nose, you should consider its proportion with the size, shape, and angle of your facial structures. You maybe satisfy with your overall appearance and just want to undergo rhinoplasty to remove a bump on your nose or even adjust the angle of your nose. Anyway, you should inform your surgeon clearly about your expectations of the rhinoplasty.

Generally, people considering rhinoplasty to improve their appearance by:

  • Narrowing the overall width of the nose
  • Reshaping the nasal tip
  • Removing bump
  • Decreasing the size of nostrils
  • Correcting the angle between the nose and the lip
  • Improving the overall shape of the nose

You need to do wide research about rhinoplasty before undergoing a nose job. You should determine exactly what changes you want for making an ideal nose and find a new shape that is harmonized you’re your other facial structures.