What are the characteristics of an ideal nose?

There are numerous methods to evaluate the nose and its proportion  with other parts of the face from which we will mention in this article.  It is also notable that beauty is a relative criteria which can differ from  one person to another based on ideal preference and personal criterions.

Front (full face) view


When the nose is analyzed in full face view, the face is divided into  five equal parts. The wideness of nose must include a fifth of the face.  If your nose is located in your medial, one fifth portion of your face,  you have a proper sized nose.

The other criterion to check is the width of the nose. Draw two vertical  hypothetical lines from internal corners of the eyes. The width of  the nose must be located between these two lines.

Side view


The height of the nose must be equal with its width in side view.  Nose height is the distance between nose tip and the face.


If we draw a hypothetical line from the nose tip in side view and  then another line from nose tip to the face, the angle created  must be between 30 up to 45 degrees.


The angle which nose makes in contact with the face must be between  30 up to 40 degrees. In ideal conditions, this angle is close  to 36 degrees.


The angle between lips and nose must be between 95 to 105 degrees  for women and 90 up to 95 degrees for men.

perfect-nose-7 perfect-nose-8

The angle between nose and forehead must be between 115 up to  135 degrees.

Coarser view

If we look at the nose from coarser view, it must look like a triangle. If  the height of this triangle is divided into three equal portions, nose  vestibules must form preliminary two thirds.



If we draw a hypothetical line from nose root to nose tip, this line  must have 2 mms distance from the septum in women and must match  with septum in men.