If you are a rhinoplasty candidate, definitely you are thinking about your new nose shape and what you might look like after the nose job. There are many different nose shape among people and maybe you are wondering which one is best for your face. You should inform your surgeon in the consulting session about your idea of an ideal nose shape then your doctor suggests various options which are match with your facial structure.

Five parts of the nose that should be considered before choosing nose shape

nose shape

If you are thinking about nose surgery you should consider five parts of your nose before choosing a new nose shape:

The upper part of the nose.

This part of the nose is made of nasal bones. The changes that can be performed in this area is to reduce a bump or narrowing a wide area. The height of the nasal bones can modify equally to the angle between the top of the nose and the forehead. On the other hand, too much bone reduction limits airflow as well as makes a depression that causes unnatural look and then lower nose seems too big.

The middle part of the nose.

This part is made of bendable cartilage which placed between the nasal bones and the tip of the nose. The center of the cartilage is septum that extends into the nasal cavity and separates the right and left nostrils. Upper lateral cartilage that is placed on each side of the septum helps to open the nasal airway. Most patients want this area to look straight from the front view, neither too wide nor too narrow. The surgeon should try to straighten this area as much as possible, and don’t take too much cartilage in this area that causes to block breathing and make the tip appear too large and make the news appear scooped out.

The tip of the nose.

This area makes the shape of the tip and rim of the nose by tow curled C-shaped cartilages. The size, shape, and projections out the word of the tip have many effects on the beauty of the nose. Some patient’s nasal tip is less outwardly projected, droopy or appear hooked or curved. The surgeon tries to line and equal the tip to the height of the profile line from the side view and sometimes projecting a small bit beyond it. Usually, some common changes of the nasal tip include: narrowing a wide or boxy tip, reducing an overly projected tip, creating an uneven tip more symmetric and equal and adding projection with sutures or grafts of cartilage.

The skin of the nose.

The nasal skin is very different among various people and significantly affect the changes that can be made during the surgery. For example, it is difficult for patients who have oily or very thick skin of the nose to achieve significant changes in shape. While people who have very thin skin, any minor changes such as bumps or small bumps changes is visible after the rhinoplasty. The difference between nose job and other cosmetic surgery such as breast reductions is that skin left alone and will heal, smooth and tighten over time. Because of that, it takes some weeks or even some months until the nose fully heal. Before the surgery, your surgeon will inform you about your skin characteristics and the results that will achieve after the surgery depending on your skin type.

The nasal airway.

It is a very important part that affects sleeping, exercise, and overall health. If some problems such as sinus issues or allergies cause airway breathing, it needs to be treated separately from nose surgery.

  A general guideline to choose nose shape

A general guideline to choose nose shape

The most important thing that affects how to choose nose shape is having enough information about the rhinoplasty, it’s benefits as well as it’s complications and risks. Then you should be as much as mature for having rhinoplasty because it has also emotional effects that you should accept all the operation results and risks.

More addition you should have realistic expectations about a nose job. If you want to make your nose look like a famous celebrity’s nose, you are not a good candidate for rhinoplasty. Because every person has a unique facial structure and should choose a nose shape which is fit with his/her facial organs. So you should ask your surgeon to make a nose shape that harmonizes with your face. More addition you need to find an expert rhinoplasty surgeon to provide you a safe surgery and desired results. Generally, it is a very important decision in your life because the result will last with you until the end.