Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult and challenging Surgeries which its convalescence is so important.

The result of the surgery depends on how you care and follow your surgeon’s instructions. Skin care is One of the most important cares after the surgery.

Rhinoplasty recovery time

Rhinoplasty healing period is different from one person to another. Although all necessary proceedings will be done to reduce the swellings, there will still be Swellings and bruises in the aria after the surgery. So all patients should expect some difficulties after the surgery.

Also you may have nausea and nasal congestion during the recovery time which is normal and you shouldn’t be worried about that.

Skin care

Skin care by using cosmetic products is one of the aftercare surgery which is so important .

Every physician has his own prescription of cosmetic products but all of them have one believe in common. “healthy skin would recover faster”.

If you can care of your skin properly, you will have better recovery and the result will be revealed faster. These cares are more important during the first days and weeks after the surgery.

Skin cleansing

When it comes to skin cleansing after the rhinoplasty, don’t forget the word “smooth”. Mostly, the surgeons suggest to wash around the nose which is covered by splint and plaster bandage. Splint and plaster should not be wet so don’t take shower before removing them. You should be careful about the cleaners which are used during the healing period. Find the soft and smooth cleaners. After nose job your skin may be sensitive although it was not sensitive before rhinoplasty. A smooth cleaner can reduce your skin sensitivity and redness. Probably, your doctor will suggest you to clean your skin with soap free cleaners or special pads without any pressure. Another way for cleaning your face is using hypoallergenic and fragrance free moisturizers. For washing your face, the following items are suggested:

  • Soap free cleaners
  • Face washing pads
  • Hypoallergenic and fragrance free moisturizers

Protecting against sunlight

Protecting against sunlight

After rhinoplasty, the skin around the nose will be more sensitive to the sun ultraviolet radiation. Sun ultraviolet radiation can discolor the stitch mark. The darkness of stitch mark may be removed or not over time. Since the aria around the nose is a little numb, your nose will sunburn more easily. For face protection, it is better not to go in the sun. And use sunscreen or cap if you have to go out in the sun.

Use those sunscreens that unclog skin pores, which prevents acne.

Most doctors recommend to use sun cream with SPF 30 or 40. The higher SPF clog the skin pores.

Avoid strong combinations

You should use other face sanitary products which contain smooth combination, along with a smooth cleaner after rhinoplasty surgery. Use a moisturize cream for preventing face dryness. It is also recommended to avoid products with active elements such as Alpha hydroxyl acid or Retinoid. These elements can stimulate sensitive skins and cause more sensitivity against sunlight. More addition, they will dry the skin, while the goal of skin care after rhinoplasty is moistening the skin.



In most cases, you can start to makeup after a short time. Your surgeon may ask you to avoid makeup until removing your nose plaster bandage. Of course, after taking permission of your doctor, makeup is the best way to cover the bruising and redness around your nose. The high quality cosmetics, which are made of natural and mineral materials, can be used during the recovery time. These kind of cosmetics are more smooth than the other ones and have good covere. The way you use cosmetics is important too, especially during the recovery time. Don’t press your hand when you are applying cream or pancake. And avoid makeup the stitch mark. If you want to cover the bruising, it is better to use yellow concealer. Green concealer are useful for covering red parts.

Overall care tips

drink a lot of water

It is not enough just to care about your cosmetics, but you need to be careful about the methods of treating your skin and nutrition you eat. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water to avoid skin dryness. When your body receive enough water, your skin stays younger and excretes all poisons from the body.

Try to avoid pressing your nose or removing your stitch mark. Removing the stitch mark is tempting, when it is healing. But never do this, because it will be manifested and  it increases the possibility of infection.