Rhinoplasty is the most common aesthetic surgery among teenagers. Since the nose is the center point of the face, it greatly effects on appearance and beauty of the face. Teenagers are at a critical age and are much more sensitive about their appearance and the way they look.  A beautiful nose can evaluate the teen’s self-confidence and increase the level of satisfaction with their appearance. Generally, teen rhinoplasty procedure is more complex and critical than adults because teen craniofacial is still growing.

What is the appropriate age for teen rhinoplasty?

Teenagers are in the period between childhood and adulthood, this life stage contains many physical and emotional changes. Most rhinoplasty surgeons are believed that teen rhinoplasty can be undertaken at age 16. Although girls can have a nose job one year after their first menstrual period while for boys it is some later. That is because of the full development of nasal anatomy.

Pros and cons of a teen nose job

The advantages of teen rhinoplasty are very recognizable. Nose surgery has many physical and health advantages as well as mental benefits including:

  • Boost your beauty
  • Enhance facial harmony and balance
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Correct breathing problems
  • Good night sleeps
  • Grow social relationship

But nose surgery same as any other surgical procedure has some disadvantages that should be considered before undertaking teen rhinoplasty such as:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Anesthesia risks
  • Unpleasant results
  • Bruising
  • Swelling

Teen rhinoplasty procedure

Teen rhinoplasty procedure

Nose surgery can be applied under the local or general anesthesia but usually, it undertakes under the general anesthesia. First, the surgeon makes cuts within the nostrils. Most of the incisions are made inside the nose which is invisible. Then the surgeon will add, remove or rearrange some amounts of bone and cartilage and finally fit tissues over the new frame and close the incisions.

After the surgery, a splint will be placed on the nose in order to protect and keep it stable for five to eight days. During this time, you should avoid blowing. You can use cold compresses for reducing bruising and swelling around the eyes.

It is necessary for a teenager to understand and inform about the rhinoplasty procedure, recovery time, risks and complications of the nose job. It is essential that they talk about their expectation with the doctor in the consulting session. They should be mature enough to handle it and accept the right shape that is symmetric with their facial structures. Patients with unrealistic expectations are usually unhappy with their rhinoplasty results.

Rhinoplasty is an outpatient surgery, it means you can back home the same day of the operation. The recovery time is varying for different people but usually, it is about one week and you need to stay at home during this time. You should avoid strenuous activities for a few weeks.


Teen nose job consideration

Teen rhinoplasty consideration

  • You should undertake rhinoplasty after the maturation and complete growth. Girls can have a rhinoplasty procedure at least one year after their first menstrual period.
  • The level of maturity is important, too. You need to be enough mature, physically and emotionally. Because some people reach this stage some later. You should have enough information about rhinoplasty and have realistic expectations for your nose job. You also need to be enough patient because it may take one year or even later get the final results of your surgery.
  • For dependent teenagers, parental opinion is very important and they should accept this procedure.
  • Generally, boys can be right for teen rhinoplasty one or two years later than girls.
  • Summer is the best time for a teen to have rhinoplasty. Because after school days they have enough time to rest.

On the other hand, the expert of the surgeon is very important for teen rhinoplasty because it is more critical and challenging than adult rhinoplasty. Your doctor should ensure your maturation and growth and consider your physical and emotional health. A good rhinoplasty surgeon can guide and inform you about all aspects of the surgery and provide you a safe surgery and satisfied results. A successful teen rhinoplasty can change your life and increases your self-confidence and consequently improve the quality of your life.