Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic surgery that reshapes the nose and improves appearance.It is a life-changing experience for many people and has wonderful long and short-term effects on your body. Your life will change after the rhinoplasty in the following ways:

Greater self-esteem

Generally, after rhinoplasty, your life will change because it greatly boosts your self-image and consequently increase your self-confidence and causes well-being. If you were unsatisfied with the appearance of your nose before the surgery, but after the rhinoplasty, you will happy with your new nose and it gives you more confidence in social interactions. Usually, a physical change can cause a psychological change.

More addition realistic expectations have an important role in the level of your satisfaction with the surgery results and people with unrealistic expectations are usually unsatisfied with the result of their surgery.

Better breathing

On the other hand, your breathing functions will improve after the rhinoplasty because your nasal structure will correct and air can flow easily and you can breathe much easier through your nose. It is another important life-altering advantages of the nose job.

Enhanced sleep and physical activity

If your nostrils are too narrow at the opening, you probably have breathing problem because it limits the amount of air taken in by your nose. So it can cause difficulty for physical activities by decreasing oxygen intake as well as preventing the deep sleep at night.

By restructuring your nose, you can sleep better and do more physical activity and enjoy of your life.

When can I go back to work after my rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure and you can back home the day of the surgery but the recovery time depending on your body’s natural healing process and the skill of your surgeon. However, you should give time to your body back to normal status. Generally, most patients can back to work one week after the nose job.

Post-surgical recovery time

Generally, rhinoplasty procedure may last several months to fully heal so, you need to schedule your social activity accordingly. For 4 weeks’ post-op your nose surgery you should absolutely avoid smoking or even secondhand smoke because it can cause infection, scarring and increased healing time.

Usually, there are a few common stages in the recovery process after the rhinoplasty:

Week1: Immediately after rhinoplasty

At the end of your surgery, a bandage or cast is placed around your nose to keep the new shape during the recovery time. Your pain and discomfort associated with the surgery begin to decrease within 72 hours after the rhinoplasty. During the first week after the nose job, there are some swelling and bruising around your nose and eyes, it is a normal condition. You may also experience headache or severe nasal blockages due to swelling of the nasal passages. In this condition, you can take pain killers or use cold compresses to subside your pain and swelling. During this time, you shouldn’t blow your nose, you can clean inside of your nose by saltwater. Your doctor also prescribes you antibiotics after the rhinoplasty in order to reduce the risk of infection.

Week 2: become acquainted with your new nose

During the second week after your nose job, your bruising and swelling will improve day by day as it is not noticeable to the casual observer. Most patients can back to work in this weak but you should still avoid strenuous activities. You can resume mild exercise at this time.

Week 3 and beyond

In the three weeks’ post-op, your rhinoplasty about 70 percent of swelling is gone. In this time, you can recognize the changes and a new form of your nose. If you touch, bump or rub your nose, you experience a pulling sensation or pain. The tip of your nose is completely numb and may up to six months or even later completely subside. During this time your nose may run more especially if you have allergies.

Generally, after rhinoplasty, you will experience a new life with high self-esteem and improvement in your social relationship. You just keep it in your mind that the final shape of your nose will reveal even one-year post-op your nose job. You need to be patient and adjust your life with your new appearance.