Rhinoplasty is the most popular cosmetic surgery in the world and the number of people who are undertaking a nose job is increasing day by day. If you are considering a nose job you should have enough information about the procedure, the recovery times and nose job tips.

Rhinoplasty tips

rhinoplasty tips

  • Maturity

Generally, the more mature the patient, the better the result, maturity in age as well as emotional maturity. People who are considering rhinoplasty should be mature enough and completely grow because craniofacial is still growing until maturation. The minimum age for rhinoplasty is usually age 16. On the other hand, the right candidate for a nose job should have enough information about the surgery then decide for the operation. Rhinoplasty candidates should have realistic expectations about the surgery results and choose a nose shape that is symmetric with their facial structures.

  • Be patient

Rhinoplasty candidates should be enough patient because the final results of the nose job may take to apparent up to one year or even more.

  • General anesthesia

A nose job can be undertaken under the general and local anesthesia but general anesthesia is more common. Because in local anesthesia patient is awake to the sounds of shaving or breaking the bone and cartilage. It can increase the patient’s fear, causes stress and anxiety and consequently increase their blood pressure that can be dangerous during the surgery.

  • Avoid blowing

After the operation, you should avoid blowing your nose because it can lead to bleeding. During first-week post op the nose surgery you feel very congested while you have split on your nose. It can cause difficulty breathing through your nose. You can just clean and wash your nose with normal saline.

  • Use cold compress

Swelling and bruising around eyes are normal condition after the rhinoplasty. You can use a cold compress or ice pack every few hours for the first 48 hours post up the surgery to reduce the swelling and bruising.

  • Quit smoking

Rhinoplasty candidate should stop smoking at least two to four weeks before and after the surgery. Smoking can delay the healing, increase the risk of anesthesia, causes scarring and skin loss, airway obstruction, excessive bleeding, nasal asymmetry or poor result and reduce oxygen and blood flow.

  • Avoid certain medication

You should avoid any blood-thinning and anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin that dilate blood vessels which may increase bleeding and swelling as well as delay the healing time. You can just use medications which are prescribed by your doctor.

  • Nutrition diet

After rhinoplasty, you need to watch your diet because it can affect your healing process. You should avoid spicy and salty foods because it can irritate your sinus and worse swelling. Vitamins can speed your healing time. The first day post up your surgery, you should have a liquid diet and then progress to a light diet.

  • The night prior to the surgery

It is recommended to take a bath or shower the night before the surgery, go to sleep soon and don’t eat or drink anything after 10 midnights before the surgery.

  • Recovery time

Rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure and you can back home the same day of the operation. But you need to stay at home for about one week. During the recovery time, you should avoid strenuous activities, contact sports and any physical contact to the nose. You should also elevate your head while sleeping to decrease swelling.

  • Discuss your expectation

It is very important that rhinoplasty patients discuss their expectation with the doctor before the surgery. You need to tell your doctor exactly the nose shape and size you desire. Then the doctor let you know whether rhinoplasty can accomplish your expectation or not. He/she can also guide you about the appropriate shape that is symmetric with your facial structures.

  • Post-operative appointment

Follow up appointments with your doctor is very important because he/she can monitor your healing process. In case of any problem, your doctor can stop it and set back your recovery.