Iranians are very friendly people. Throw out any pre-conceived notion of Iran you might have. The way the media across the western world has painted the picture of Iran is not the real Iran. Iran is a magnificent, mysterious country with a rich history and culture. Go to Iran with an open mind and heart. Iran is one of the safest countries in the world where major crime or terrorism is concerned.

Dress Code

Dress code is a lot more lenient for women than you might have heard; most of our female tourists usually wear a loose headscarf and a long shirt. The majority of our clients are indeed women who fall in love with Iran after their first visit. We’re more than happy to put you in touch with our female passengers so they can share their experience with you.

Visas are very easy to obtain, you just need to know the best suitable route to apply for your visa (we offer a very painless and hassle-free visa service, free of charge).

Travelling to Iran:

By Air: Several major International Airlines fly to Iranian cities. Tehran is obviously the major hub where most of European airlines such as: Lufthansa, Turkish Airways and Alitalia, fly into. If you’re travelling via the Middle East, you may want to consider Qatar Airways (flying to Tehran, Shiraz and Mashhad), Emirates flies daily to Tehran and connects Iran to the rest of the world. Budget airlines: Several Turkish budget airlines (Pegasus and Atlas jet) fly to Tehran from Istanbul for as cheap as $80 USD one-way. AirArabia is another budget airline that has daily flights to Shiraz and Tehran from Sharjah, near Dubai.

Overland: Most recommended route is via Istanbul where you can buy daily bus tickets to Tehran and Tabriz. Or travel to Iran by train once a week from Istanbul. There are also bus services from Baku in Azerbaijan, Yerevan in Armenia, Bishkek in Tajikistan and from several cities in Pakistan.

Domestic travel is very modern and cheap in Iran. Like other vast countries, Iran has an established transport system that consists of:

Modern Buses: Locally called VIP, these buses are equipped with the most modern technology in transport including: USB and Laptop plug ins for each seat, fully recline-able seats and an LCD screen for each passenger. A comfortable trip with one of these buses, from Shiraz to Tehran will currently cost you a mere 10 USD per person (subject to change due to exchange rates).

Air Travel: Iran Air is one of the earliest airlines in the world, once holding the Guinness record for the longest passenger route between Tehran and New York; it now connects most of Iranian cities through its extensive aviation network along with so many other private companies such as Mahan Airlines and Iran Aseman Airlines. Just like the VIP buses, air travel is extremely safe and cheap in Iran. A trip from Tehran to Shiraz (1 hour flight) currently sets you back 30 USD (subject to change due to exchange rates).

Hotels: Iranians are oldest and earliest hoteliers in the history of human civilization. From the caravansaries in ancient roads of Persia and the silk road to the oldest hotel chain in the world (Shah Abbasi Bed and breakfasts). Iran has a great variety of hotels depending on your budget, from family run budget B&B’s to splurge 5 star hotels of Shiraz and Isfahan. Iran has suitable accommodation for every budget and taste. You can easily book these hotels via any travel agencies in Iran.

The country of 4 seasons:

Iran is one of the very countries in the world that you can have all the distinguished seasons at any time of the year. Let’s say you travel to Iran in November or December when the Alborz mountain range in north and Sepidan ski resort in Shiraz is covered with snow. You only need to take an hour long flight from either of these destinations to swim in the warmth of Persian Gulf at one of its remarkable Islands (e.g. Qeshm or Kish islands). You may even travel with real life nomads in central Iran at the very same time and experience a Spring breeze. Not to mention the Caspian coast in northern Iran, where you will have European climate throughout the year (due to its forests & mountains).

We don’t really have a no – go season in Iran. Iran welcomes you at any time of the year.

Money and Credit

Iranians do not use major credit cards such as Visa & Master card so we recommend that you bring enough cash for the duration of your stay. US dollars and Euros are exchanged quicker; however UAE dirhams and British pound are also popular at exchange offices. Like other countries in the Middle East larger bills get a better rate. In emergency cases that you may need cash urgently, some shops in Tehran, Shiraz and Isfahan might give you cash advance on your credit card but as mentioned earlier there’s no guarantee.


Iran is a very safe country by Western standards. Iranian people are very friendly and would like to know about your country and your culture. Crime rates are very low in Iran and foreign visitors are very much respected by local citizens. So please leave your preconceptions aside and come to Iran with an open mind. When travelling in Iran, you only need to use your common sense to be safe just as when you would travel anywhere else in the world.