What is Otoplasty? (External ear cosmetic surgery)

Otoplasty is an external-ear cosmetic surgery to correct the deformities  of pinna (external ear). For example, ears which are unnaturally  ahead of skull or so called bat-ears.


Naturally, auricle and skull must form a 10 up to 15 degrees angel. In  some cases, due to birth defects, this angle is more than normal which  is considered a disorder. Otoplasty, alongside with removing ear birth  defects, could be performed for rebuilding the appearance of the external  ear, for example, in those who have missed all or part of their  auricles because of an accident or removing a tumor.

Which superficial problems are solvable using otoplasty?

  • -Extraordinary knobby ears or bat ears.
  • -Asymmetric ears.
  • -Ears damaged through an accident like strokes, scorches or detachment  or torn ears caused by using heavy earrings.
  • -Those whose auricles are not formed properly from the birth and  alongside with superficial problems suffer from hearing difficulties.

What is the ideal age for otoplasty?

An individual can undergo otoplasty as early as 6 years old, if there is  an existing external ear defect. In such cases the early-on surgery  could prevent social problems that might be caused by external ear defects  in young children while attending school. At this age the external  ear has developed enough to be ready for surgery.

How otoplasty is performed?

In this surgery, the cuts are created in fringe behind the ears. Part of  cartilage is also trimmed. The trace of stitches and wounds will look  like a narrow line. These are hardly visible and will disappear shortly  after the surgery.