When a patient consult with surgeon about the rhinoplasty surgery, certainly will be asked about his reason for doing this surgery. Nose reforming is not a simple matter, so you should think wisely and consider all aspects before going to surgeon office. If you are not sure about your decision for having this surgery, read the following article and find some common good and bad reasons for this procedure.

Good reasons for Rhinoplasty surgery

Most reasons which consider in the consulting session are constructive and useable. Prospective patients with positive reasons for nose job, mostly have realistic expectation of the results of this surgery as follow:

  • Rhinoplasty to repair damaged or injured nose. In this case, functional and cosmetic damages are improved. Many different factors can injure nose (such as falling down while hiking or car accident) and nose surgery is a common method to improve and correct damaged tissue.
  • Rhinoplasty to improve nasal function. Occasionally, some features can make breathing and sinuous drainage difficult. Some internal issues like a deviation septum (which is the cartilage that separates the nostrils) or even narrowed nasal passageways can greatly impact nasal function. So, request for rhinoplasty to solve the breathing and sinus problems is a reasonable and wisely reason.
  • Rhinoplasty to correct cosmetic problems. Some people are born with noses that are too long, short, narrow, wide, crooked, straight, bumpy or any other unsatisfactory things. Most patients who have nose with above features are unsatisfied with the way they look and think it is not fit to the rest of their face. Cosmetic correction can help people to achieve a balanced, appropriate and satisfied appearance. When patient decide for rhinoplasty surgery because of cosmetic reasons, they should have realistic expectation about the surgery results.

Bad reasons for Rhinoplasty surgery

Concerning cosmetic reasons for rhinoplasty , it may seem there is no bad and unreasonable reason to get rhinoplasty. However, some patients have unreasonable view about rhinoplasty surgery and some others walk into consultations session with unhealthy motivations. Following is a list of some bad reasons for rhinoplasty surgery. After reading the following list you can find whether you have appropriate reasons for rhinoplasty surgery.

  • Rhinoplasty surgery to release societal pressure. It can be a reason for unsatisfying of nose shape, but it is totally different if you want change your nose shape because someone else told you that your nose is crooked, wide, pointy or ugly. If you change your nose shape according to others expectations, so you may be unsatisfy by the surgery result because it is not according to your own desire.
  • Rhinoplasty to make happy your family members. Like the societal pressure, when family member or significant ones tell you to reform any part of your body, it mostly leads to unsatisfying matters. Although you may think you can make happy your beloveds but won’t be satisfy yourself. Your decision for having rhinoplasty surgery should be according to your desire and tendency.
  • Rhinoplasty to look like someone else. Many male and female have low self-confidence and usually regretting the celebrities and models. Consequently, they ask their stylist to mimic celebrity’s haircut on their head. But it’s totally a different thing to ask a surgeon to reform your nose like a celebrity’s nose. Firstly, surgeon can reshape what’s already there; there is no starting from scratch. Secondly, there is no guarantee that this form be fit with rest of your face features, this change can make you unhappy. Finally, request for having other person features on your body is a sign of deep personality problems that can’t be solve by any surgical changes.
  • Rhinoplasty to enhance job position. You are wrong if you think you can enhance your job position by fixing your nose. Your nose shape has no direct association with your job, but it can to increase your self-confidence by having rhinoplasty surgery. This surgery may have indirect effect in every aspect of your life.

What can make you an ideal rhinoplasty candidate?

ideal rhinoplasty candidate

Your desire for having rhinoplasty surgery can help your surgeon to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for this surgery? During consulting session many items will be asked about your personal health history and your expectation about rhinoplasty. You should have good overall health condition or have no special condition or disease for being a good candidate for this surgery, because it can delay your healing. Your goal of rhinoplasty should be realistic and should prepare yourself emotionally for any significant change in your appearance. It is one of the essential part of preparation for surgery that should be consider.

Rhinoplasty surgery may seems scary for some people but in fact is not much to it. If someone is really unsatisfied by the way his nose looks, because of having a medical problems or an accident, it is the best solution that can improve his life and self confidence level. Are you a good candidate for rhinoplasty surgery?

Whatever your reason, you should consult a specialist before having rhinoplasty surgery

If you think you have enough strong reason for having this surgery, but you haven’t found the right physician yet, you can contact Dr. Taherian, an otorhinolaryngologist who can guide you whether rhinoplasty would be a good option for you as well as help you to prepare for a positive surgery and healing period afterward.

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