Rhinoplasty is the third most popular cosmetic surgery in the world and the main cosmetic surgical procedure in Iran. Because of that, Iran is knowns as the capital of nose surgery in the world.

Rhinoplasty is cosmetic surgery in order to reshape or resize the nose. It can greatly affect your appearance and boost your beauty as well as increasing your self-confidence. Iran has many experienced and expert rhinoplasty surgeons because of the high demands for the nose job.

Nose surgery can be applied either for cosmetic or health reasons including crooked or asymmetry nose, visible bump on the nasal bridge, off-centered or enlarged nose, the droopy tip of the nose as well as breathing problems. Many people have difficulty breathing while sleeping because of a polyp in the breathing tunnel which prevents proper breathing.

Nose job in Iran

From a few decades ago many Iranian people women, as well as men, tend to perform rhinoplasty in order to have a small and straight nose. It is impossible to walk down in the streets of Iran and you don’t see the signs of nose surgery including bandage or cast on some people’s face. That’s why Iran is famous for rhinoplasty. There are many experts, knowledgeable and skillful Iranian nose surgeons that are graduated from top universities in Iran and other countries including the US that you can trust them for reshaping your nose. Annually many tourists come to Iran for having rhinoplasty in this country. Because the expense of nose job is very cheaper than the other countries and you can have a reasonable cosmetic surgery by expert and skillful surgeons in Iran.


Rhinoplasty also called nose job is a cosmetic surgery to reshape and resize the nose. This surgery can be performed under the general or local anesthesia. During the surgery, the surgeon makes cuts within the nostrils. If rhinoplasty is performed in order to correct a deviated septum, it called septoplasty. Primary rhinoplasty refers to the first nose surgery and means patients have not undergone any nose surgery before. Secondary rhinoplasty also called revision rhinoplasty is performed in order to fix the result of previous unsuccessful nose surgery or surgeries.

Generally, rhinoplasty recovery time is about one to two weeks but it varies for different people depending on the type of rhinoplasty. Bruising and swelling are related complications of nose surgery. You should be patient for getting the final results of your nose job and it may take around one year for final shape. You can go back to your work after one week but you should avoid strenuous activities for a few weeks.

The minimum age for having rhinoplasty is 16 years, it should perform after maturation. You need to wait until your nose fully grows and formed. You also should accept the risks of nose surgery. Rhinoplasty same as any other surgery has some complications and risk such as infection, anesthesia risks, difficulty breathing, swelling and bruising.

Insurance coverage for rhinoplasty

Generally, health insurance companies don’t cover the nose job fees unless there is a functional problem such as breathing problems. Septoplasty usually covers by the insurance.

Generally, it is common that many people prefer to have rhinoplasty in another country other than their own because it is more reasonable for them. Today medical tourist is popular in all of the worlds. Iran is a destination for many rhinoplasty tourists. It is a beautiful country with many tourist attractions. You can have a nose surgery in the modern and equipped hospitals in Iran by expert and knowledgeable surgeons who are graduated from top universities in all of the world. Dr. Taherian is an expert rhinoplasty surgeon with over 27 years of experience who has done over 5000 successful rhinoplasty surgeries. Rhinoplasty cost with Dr. Taherian is $ 1750. You just need to set up an appointment and start your process.