Rhinoplasty surgery is the second common plastic surgery in the world according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). A successful rhinoplasty surgery involves the appropriate balance of artistry and technique, it doesn’t matter whether it perform for balancing the farcical feature or for breathing improvement. The patients also are deserved to know about the step by step recovery period, because it can help them to develop more realistic expectation about the rhinoplasty results.

Usually patients ask about recovery time that it include initial recuperation and then long term healing.

  • First stage: visible swelling and bruising immediately after surgery;

You should expect to see the primary obvious symptoms after surgery. Usually these post effect come down during two to four weeks. Most patient can go to work after two weeks. The residual bruising can be covered by concealer or bronzer.

  • Secondary stage: final results progress during the time;

In final stage and during the recovery time completion, you can see the result of your rhinoplasty surgery. Most people can see the semifinal result in the third months. The vast majority of swelling is disappeared. During the 12-14 month after surgery you can see the final reshaping results in the mirror. Although during the final few months, changes are not visible and all people can’t notice these changes.

You should care of your body for optimal healing. Following are two special tips for rhinoplasty surgery volunteers:

  • During the first few months, you should protect your nose from the sunlight to prevent healing skin of sunburned.
  • You should be careful while doing exercise; because in crowded place, your nose may receive inadvertent contact.

In consulting session before the surgery, all points that should be observed during the healing time are provided.

It will not take time to observe the result of rhinoplasty surgery and patient should consider the scheduling and timing of the recovery procedures. Is there any big life change with doing nose job? Is there any serious social event in your life? (such as participate in the wedding or TV program). It is better to inform us about these matters and then we can help you to plan accordingly. Scheduling surgery is based on your personal schedule for your attendance in special social situations.

Ways to improve Rhinoplasty results

To be honest, there is no way to guarantee that you will be 100 percent satisfy of your rhinoplasty results. However, there are some ways you can do to close to your expectations. Your colleagues, your health and what you do after surgery play an important role in determining the final shape of your nose.

Choose your surgeon carefully

Choose your surgeon carefully

Choosing an expert surgeon is one of the biggest factors for a successful surgery. Most surgeons tell you that rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging surgeries. In this surgery corrections are done to the most delicate part of the body. If this job is done by an inexperienced surgeon, more mistakes may be occurred in the procedure. So, you should search about your surgeon before the surgery. You should choose someone who has enough experience and know the face anatomy, the expert surgeon can perform this surgery several times per week.

You need to see the after and before photos of past patients and talk to them. It can be helpful to know what are the result after surgery and how people look after surgery?

Double check your health

The second biggest factor for a successful surgery is your health condition before procedure. If you have serious health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure and liver problems, the risk for complications is increased. Certain habits such as smoking cigarettes or using other tobacco products can increase the risk for complications and interferes the recovery process.

When you can’t do nose job?

Before you talk with your surgeon about the nose job, it’s better talk to the general physician and ask for a general checkup. If there is any problem, you should treat them before the surgery.

Make the most of your consultation

After your health checkup, you can talk with your surgeon. The consultation session is a chance to know more about your surgeon experience and proficiency and on the other hand your surgeon can be familiar with your expectations. In this session you can find if you are a good candidate for the nose job?

You should let your surgeon know what you expect from the surgery. May be you are not happy with your nose size or your crooked nose is annoying. If you have any problem with your nose function, you should inform your surgeon. For example, you may have deviated septum that disturb your breathing. Although the goal of most nose surgery is to correct the form and size but in case of need the nose function can be treated, too.

By the consultation session you can find out more about surgeon and former patients experiences as well as knowledge and proficiency of your surgeon. Most probably, your surgeon will ask you what you hope to get out of it.

You should ask all your questions before you leave the consultation session because it is the best time to ask your questions. At the end of the session both surgeon and patient will have the same idea about to do or not to do the nose job and what the next steps to take are.

Follow structure

Follow structure

Once you have decided to do nose surgery, you should follow the structures even if it may seem useless. For instance, your surgeon may ask you avoid certain medications such as aspirin for a specific period before and after surgery. Aspirin can dilute blood and increase the risk of bleeding. You should do your surgeon advice seriously.

If you don’t observe your surgeon advices after the surgery, it can impact on the rhinoplasty results . For example, if your surgeon asks you to avoid blowing your nose during the first week after the surgery or avoid any other activity that can damage your nose, you should consider all of them. It may seem as waste of time but following these recommendation cusses to prevent of further problems or difficulty.

Why the rhinoplasty results are different?

  • Keep it in your mind that result of each nose job is different
  • The rhinoplasty results depend on some factors that some of them are visible before the surgery and some of them ore hidden in nose structure and cannot see easily.
  • Surgeon should inform the patient about the possible results after the surgery.
  • You should be patient and have realistic expectations. As much as a surgery procedure is big and difficult, it is difficult to anticipate the rhinoplasty results.

You should do more study about the unsatisfying result of the surgery that can be correct by the surgeon and what are the necessary factors for a successful rhinoplasty surgery.

Does a nose job result last a lifetime?

Theoretically, nose job surgery is designed to last a lifetime. But some other factors are also involved. Firs, when was the surgery is performed? Today’s surgeons are much more concerned with maintaining the nose structure while around 15-20 years ago, too much tissue and underlying supportive structure of the nose are removed. This job could destroy the nose structure support and leads to drooping or collapse during the times.

Second, even with a solid post-rhinoplasty structure, the nose is dynamic and continues to age, and other signs of aging appear. But if the surgeon maintains the nose structure during the surgery, many of the aging change can be decrease. We are happy to discuss you about the nose surgery. You can contact us to schedule a consultation or do the online registration. During the consulting session, we can go over all your questions about the nose surgery.